Cloud ERP for the Growing Business

By choosing our solution “Cloud ERP for the Growing Business,” you will get one of the market’s best ERP systems (ref. Gartner June 2017).

  • The solution is a true cloud solutiono Hardware, database, and applications is operated by Oracle.o Capacity scales to fit customer needs.o Oracle and EBS Consulting keep the solution up to date and ensure that it meets current rules and standards. New functionality is added on a regular basis.
  • The solution is set up with one ledger for one business unit, but can be extended to several ledgers and business units. It is a good system for enterprises with legal entities in several countries.
  • The solution has strong Shared Service-functionality, so one business unit or Shared Service center can work across business units or companies in the solution.
  • A powerful engine to ensure security and access control. The solution is based on roles. It is possible to change the roles as needed.
  • The solution has a built-in reporting cube (OLAP) to effectively report on balances. Combined with powerful functionality for hierarchies this becomes a very effective tool for the companies.
  • Oracle Social Network is built into the solution, enabling traceable communication on the transactions in the system.
  • A variety of reporting tools make it possible to create good reports. Among other things, the solution comes with a separate built-in Business Intelligence tool with a fully defined semantic layer.
  • The solution has a modern user interface focusing on transactions that require special follow-up (deviations).The solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office. Excel is used for uploading master data, uploading


Summary: Oracle ERP Cloud is one of the most powerful cloud-based ERP systems available. Combined with management services from EBS Consulting, you will receive a cost-effective solution that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

The offer “Cloud ERP for the Growing Business” includes the following:

The offer

Oracle Financial Cloud subscription

a subscription to Oracle Financials Cloud[1]

[1] Financials do not include Expenses, Automated Invoice Processing and Advanced Collections.



Implementation project includes:

  • Project management
  • Functional and technical resources
  • Setup based on EBS Consulting “Best Practice”
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training

A normal implementation project is expected to take about 3 months.

Data migration

Selected components will be migrated:

  • Account segments and segment hierarchies
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Outbound invoices (open)
  • Assets
  • Incoming balances


IT Service Management

  • Service Manager
  • A contact point for all inquiries regarding the service
  • Access to support system where all requests are logged
  • Access to support at 08-16 on weekdays. Holidays not included
  • Monthly SLA reporting

Release Management

All main releases of the software will be installed by Oracle.

  • EBS Consulting will analyze and prepare new releases
  • Selected components are tested
  • Training is provided in relevant new functionality

Compliance to Norwegian legislation

The solution will cover all Norwegian legal requirements. The following locations will be set up:

  • Reports (to cover the Norwegian Accounting Legislation)
  • Setup of solution for Norwegian VAT
  • Tax return for VAT for general industry – RF-0002
  • SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) from 01.01.2020
  • Payment setup for Norway/EU ISO20022
  • Solution for invoice production
  • Solution for legal storage of accounting data in Norway

Any future legal requirements will be developed and implemented so that the solution will be in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations.